My experience in Japan has been amazing and full of new things. The cities and tourist attractions are great, but my favorite part has been learning new types of rehabilitation and the techniques that come with them.
Mr. Mori and his staff are great instructors and specialize in joint therapy, manual therapy, and the Bobath concept (my personal favorite). I have been fortunate enough to gain hands on experience in all three of these fields. Mr. Mori has also entertained numerous guests that are highly respected in the field of physical therapy as well as the medical field. Overall, this has been an experience of a lifetime!
I would absolutely recommend taking advantage of learning from Mr. Mori and his professional staff !

Patrick Wilkins Carroll
Auburn University
Alabama, U.S.A.


The six months that I spent in Osaka Kaisei Hospital were more educative than I could’ve imagined. This hospital really set the bar for me and I know where I will aim for in the future. That’s why I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the staff of this hospital’s rehab center.
I’ve learned so many great things by the hands of this rehab’s chief, Mr. Mori-san, and my supervisor Mr. Miyazaki.
It was amazing to watch a very respected man such as Mori-san take care of patients. He has this special aura about him when he walks in the room, his presence alone fills the room. Yet he is very humble and takes his time to really explain things to you. I was lucky enough to participate in a Bobath approach workshop hosted in this hospital where I could see more how he works under this approach. Not only his skills but also his personality. I’m really glad I could a lot of things learn just by observing him.
I would also like to thank my supervisor Mr. Miyazaki. He was very patient with me after the cultural differences we encountered between The Netherlands and Japan at the very beginning. But there is no cultural or language barrier that could make you not recognize a skilled therapist. Mr. Miyazaki, who is an Athletic trainer, strengthening & conditioning specialist. His therapy is based on many different types of approaches but Neuro-rehabilitation and Biomechanics plays a big part in his treatment. I could learn a lot on how he looks different at a problem and tries to solve it or how he uses biomechanics to help him find the problem and treat the patient. Neuroscience and biomechanics really sparked my interest, and I will definitely pursue this. His vision and working method will play a big part in how I will treat my patients.
I want to thank all of the other therapist who let me watch their therapy so I could experience even more types of therapy.
As last, I would like to thank the patients for having me. They were far to kind and understanding. I’m really glad I was able to speak Japanese, because it was one of the most fun part of this time. To be able to communicate directly with the patients. I won’t forget these people.
The things I’ve learned here changed me both as a professional as well as a person. I’ve had an experience that I could have never had in my own country. I will bring back the things I’ve learned at Osaka Kaisei Hospital and use it combined with what my University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences teaches me. It will really help the patients that I’ll be treating. In the end it’s the sole purpose of what this is all about. Bringing the best of two worlds together to use a therapy that the patients can really benefit from the most! Arigatou Gozaimasu!